AEM Construction - Historic Home Restoration

Renovating a historic home can be a rewarding challenge that requires a delicate balance between modernization and preservation. AEM Construction & Restoration excels in navigating the complex landscape of historic home renovations, ensuring compliance with local preservation standards while maintaining the property's historical integrity.

Understanding Local Preservation Laws

Before planning a renovation, it's crucial to understand the specific restrictions and requirements set by local historic preservation boards. These regulations often dictate what can be altered, restored, and preserved.

Balancing Modern Needs with Historical Accuracy

1. Structural Integrity

Maintaining the structural integrity of historic properties is paramount. AEM ensures any updates comply with modern safety standards while preserving the original architecture.

2. Authentic Materials

Using period-appropriate materials is essential for maintaining the historical authenticity of the home. AEM sources high-quality, historically accurate materials for each project.

3. Energy Efficiency

Integrating modern energy-efficient solutions into historic renovations is challenging but possible. AEM specializes in discreetly incorporating these technologies to enhance comfort without compromising the home's aesthetic.

Expertise in Historic Renovations

With years of experience and a deep respect for architectural heritage, AEM Construction & Restoration is adept at transforming historic homes into spaces that respect their past while embracing the present.


If you own a historic home and are considering a renovation, trust AEM to navigate the complexities with expertise. Contact us at 770-694-6485 or visit our website to learn more about our historic renovation services.