We are excited to announce a landmark project that AEM Construction & Restoration has embarked on – the restoration of the historic lodge at Marietta National Cemetery. This endeavor is not just another project for us; it's a venture steeped in history and reverence.

A Historical Treasure: The lodge at Marietta National Cemetery has been a significant landmark since its establishment in 1921. Over the years, it has stood as a silent witness to history, embodying the spirit and heritage of the area. Being entrusted with the restoration of such a historical structure is a matter of great pride and responsibility for us.

Our Restoration Approach: Our approach to this project is guided by a deep respect for the lodge's historical significance. Every aspect of our restoration work is being carried out with the utmost care and precision. We're not just restoring a building; we're preserving a piece of Marietta's history.

Meticulous Craftsmanship: The lodge's restoration involves a keen eye for detail and a commitment to maintaining its original charm. Our team of skilled craftsmen is employing traditional techniques and materials to ensure that every aspect of the lodge is restored to its former glory.

Preserving the Legacy: This project is more than just a testament to our expertise in restoration. It's an opportunity to honor and preserve the legacy of the Marietta National Cemetery Lodge. We understand the importance of this landmark in the community's heart, and we're committed to ensuring that it stands tall for future generations to appreciate.

Stay Updated: We're making significant progress, and we invite you to stay tuned for updates as we continue to revive and rejuvenate this historic structure. Follow our journey as we bring a piece of Marietta's history back to life!

At AEM Construction & Restoration, we believe in the power of preservation and the importance of honoring our past. This project at Marietta National Cemetery is a perfect example of our commitment to excellence and historical integrity. We're not just builders; we're custodians of history.

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