Restoring Historical Homes

Restoring a historical home is a journey through time, focusing on the balance between preserving history and incorporating modern conveniences. AEM Construction Restoration has been dedicated to this mission since 2001, ensuring each project respects the home's integrity while meeting today's standards.

Understanding Historical Homes

Historical homes come with unique challenges, including outdated systems and the need for rare materials. Our process starts with a comprehensive assessment to identify the specific needs of each project.

Our Restoration Philosophy

We prioritize authenticity, sustainability, and functionality, aiming to use authentic materials and techniques, ensure environmental sustainability, and adapt homes for modern living without compromising character.

Why Choose AEM Construction Restoration?

Our expertise, passion, and respect for history make us the ideal choice for your historical home restoration project. We collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure success.

Interested in preserving your historical home's legacy? Contact us at 770-694-6485 or visit our website.