Outdoor Kitchens

Our homes are constantly evolving, and the boundary between indoor comfort and the allure of outdoor living is becoming ever more seamless. AEM Construction & Restoration is leading this transformation, championing the outdoor kitchen movement—a trend that not only extends your living space but enhances your life.

Why Outdoor Kitchens?

Outdoor kitchens offer a unique blend of entertainment and functionality, transforming backyards into culinary sanctuaries under the open sky. These spaces are fully equipped for any gathering, featuring everything from grills to refrigerators and even pizza ovens, ensuring every meal is an event in itself.

Trends and Innovations

  • Durable Materials: Utilizing stainless steel and powder-coated cabinets, AEM ensures your outdoor kitchen withstands the elements without compromising on style.
  • Vibrant Colors and Compact Designs: Catering to every taste and space, AEM incorporates bold colors and smart, space-saving designs that bring life and functionality to even the smallest of patios.
  • Sustainability at Heart: With a commitment to the environment, AEM designs outdoor kitchens that prioritize eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances.


Outdoor kitchens are more than just a place to cook—they're a place to live, laugh, and make lasting memories. AEM Construction & Restoration invites you to embrace the joy of outdoor living. Extend your home beyond its walls and into the beauty of nature.


Ready to explore the possibilities? Contact AEM Construction & Restoration at 770-694-6485 and let’s craft your outdoor haven together.